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As the name implies, the Insolvency Division serves clients with specialist services covering all aspects of insolvency practices, which are financial administration, receivership, voluntary or insolvency liquidation and special administration. In all respects, the objective of performing insolvency administration onto a company is to restore it to financial stability in re-empowering it to repay its debts particularly to the secured creditor.

In the current environment, often when the reasons for the company’s failure are discovered, it is already too late to save it from ultimate dissolution. Therefore, the appointment of an administrator under the financial administration services enables an attempt to be made to close the stable door before it is all too late. This exercise is instrumental in stalling the company’s decline and enabling it to continue in existence. The process will enable the administrator to elicit facts for the Banks and will assist the subject companies in formulating and strategizing a sound financial structure and administration. Sometimes further rescue efforts to refinance, restructure, merge, take-over or enter into a scheme arrangement are contrived to bail the company out from acute financial distress. This effort, of course at the instruction of the Bank, could be undertaken before or after the company is put under receivership.

Receivership, in one form, involves a Receiver protecting and enforcing the rights of a secured creditor in taking possession of the property secured, to receive income from the properties or assets and to apply it in accordance with the terms of the document under which the power of appointment arose. Usually the borrowing instrument also provides the appointment of Receiver/Manager whose functions are to keep the company alive whilst he seeks to get in the amount due. This is another form of receivership.

Once a company determines that it is no longer commercially useful, it may voluntarily be dissolved from its natural characteristic of perpetual existence. True too, if the company became insolvent with unprofitable trading, it may be demanded to be wound-up by its creditors voluntarily or by litigation at Courts. In any instance, a Liquidator shall be appointed to realize the assets of the company and to ensure an orderly distribution of the proceeds arising from the realization to those persons entitled.

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A sound philosophy is a keystone to any organisation’s success. To Aljeffri & Co, clients are valuable assets.  Without them, we are like a trading firm without stock-in-trade.  Like how a trading firm safeguards their stock-in-trade, we in the firm are no different.  This we achieve by constantly providing our clients with high quality services and attending to their needs promptly.

Our success is intertwined with the success of our clients.  Hence, in addition to being committed to the clients’ success, we are also committed to their profitability and growth.  To this end, Aljeffri & Co places great emphasis on establishing a close working relationship with our clients to better understand and identify opportunities, be it for the clients or for mutual benefit.

We are committed to our staff whose welfare is our responsibility.  On the job training and challenging assignments are our obligation to fulfil the needs for employees’ self-development and self-actualisation.

Although now a large national firm, Aljeffri & Co’s flexible structure is quick to respond to change, shifting from task to task without losing momentum.  We are dynamic with no clear-cut delineation of duties and responsibilities and capable of keeping “several balls in the air,” simultaneously.

Our values are thus, guided by these philosophy and commitment.  We recognise that people live by their philosophy, which is unique, nurtured and matured by one’s respective upbringing and background.  And, extenuated by diversity in a multiracial society like ours, individuals develop different values.  For these reasons, in order to ensure that our clients are given treatment consistent with our philosophy, we propound common values, now constituting the firm’s values, such as:

  • maintaining professional standards
  • teamwork, fraternity and brotherhood
  • communication par excellence
  • confidentiality of information
  • integrity, discipline and diligence
  • courtesy, compassion, valour and loyalty

The firm has been guided by time cost method in determining the fee that ought to be charged to clients. However, when certain jobs benefit the firm in the form of exposure and experience to the staff, and or otherwise give the Firm an image for rendering the services, all of which we value tremendously, our fee is accordingly determined by those factors. Naturally, clients will have the ultimate say in this matter.

This philosophy has enabled us to adopt a pragmatic approach in the conduct of our practice. Needless to say, when concerning fee, we have been successful in striking a win-win situation with our clients.

The Group sets its mission parallel to the national aspiration that is toal Malaysianis the International.Its case is then to endeavour to be the first Malaysian firm to operate internationally.

Aljeffri Group of Companies is fore mostly aspired to be the leading Malaysian professionals in the financial and investment disciplines, offering world-best capabilities in creating and providing leading edge services meeting worldwide corporate demands.

The Group, through the professionalism of its services, shall develop a knowledge-building, information age financial and investment community not just merely instilling economic motives but also encompassing spiritual domain.

To meet these challenges, the Groups business processes is regularly revised to adapt to the ever-dynamic corporate environment running in pace with this globalisation and liberalisation era.Creativity and innovation in the services offered then becomes the central stimulus for a progressive development.

Being an innovation-based entity, the Group accentuates the human system whereby the manpower resources must implicate the technical skill superiorities of a knowledge worker.The Group, in realising this imperative prerequisite. Nurtures and creates an environment that provides the basic continuity that knowledge workers need in order to be effective and can also convert the specialised knowledge into performance.The Group also fosters in uniting the employees, the systemic spirit in opposition to preference of any component or individual interests.These elements consequently are the factors that constantly improve the individual knowledge, skills and productivity towards a systemic success to be the industries best in the chosen discipline and areas of core competence.